Strong, sexy, hot Independent woman, aspiring writer, Freelance Photographer, Blogger (Of Course) Bilingual, Puerto Rican (Boricua), Political Analyst, almost a poet.

I love to re-blog but also create my own post with original Pictures.

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Welcome to be part of this my unusual and interesting journey. ... learning every single day that you and only you can make you stronger and wiser... making mistakes, learning from them.

While your heart is clean and in sync with the divine, the Universe, you gonna be OK. Trust me, I had survived hell, and I'm still standing being better than I was before. I am my own competition, I don't want to be better than anybody else, but myself yesterday!

This is the result of my aspirations to start writing erotica literature, brought me here. Then my real Life collided with my Cyber-life.

Join me,.... Welcome to Jacquelinnas-wonderland!



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